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Changing The Relationship You Have With Fear Using Tapping

ghWe need to learn to change the relationship to fear if we are to begin living our lives in a richer, more fulfilling way. Author and speaker, Itzhak Berry, calls it "The Inner Warrior" and stresses the need for us to welcome challenge and adversity as a pathway to growth and rebirth.

This is about not running away from fear but to see it as a part of a process towards your definition of success. As soon as you declare that you want something that you don't already have, you're creating a gap that needs to be filled. Sometimes that gap can lead to a feeling of dis-ease within us that can manifest as fear.

Whether we succeed or not in getting what we desire depends in part on the way in which we interact with this fear. Those who are the most successful in life may show up as those who don't experience fear. This is not necessarily true.

Some of the most famous performers in the world regularly feel physically ill before they go on stage. The difference between these individuals and those who shy away from anything they find fearful is that the former have learnt to work through the fear because they know that their wildest dreams are on the other side of it.

One of the ways you can help yourself to change the relationship that you have with fear is through Emotional Freedom Therapy ('Tapping'), also known as EFT.

EFT helps you to define each element of the fear that you're experiencing. This encourages you to express it rather than deny it or try to keep it concealed. By freely expressing your fears you begin the process of confronting them and seeing them for what they are.

Very often confronting your fears helps you to realise that they are not as damaging as they at first appear. Tapping on the individual aspects of your fears as they arise prevents them from spiraling out of control and taking you into a dark place.

It is therefore good practice to begin taking note of what makes you fearful. Make a mental or physical note of the individual aspects that make up the fear (e.g. palpitations, hot sweats, difficulty focusing, memory problems, nausea etc). Take each aspect in turn and tap on it until the emotional sting either disappears or is brought down to a level that no longer overwhelms you.

Once you have tapped on each of the aspects, check in with your level of fear again. Notice any changes. If the level is still high, tap on each aspect again until the fear itself either disappears or is brought down to a level that no longer overwhelms you.

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