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How To Have More Energy Every Day

h6Do you ever find yourself in a place where you're sluggish and fatigued each day? Do you find yourself going to bed late, fuelling the fatigue? Are you finding that breaking the late-to-bed habit is an ongoing process? If so, have faith.

This was me for a long time. I then came to realise there were aspects of my life that were contributing to this low energy. In turn the reduced energy levels affected my confidence.

I began to recognize this as an opportunity for me to develop a way of taking myself from having virtually no energy to feeling motivated to move and do!

The personal development research I have completed over the years, and that I still continue on a daily basis, is revealing that certain aspects need to be in place for my energy levels - and hence my mood and confidence - to increase:

Energy Strategy - Raising Your Moods Consistently Every Morning

1. A good night's sleep, or if not, having time in the day to rest and catch up on your lost sleep. Being able to take control and do this when you are able to helps in you keeping control of your mental and physical energy throughout the day

2. Some kind of movement to get the energy flowing: ie exercise, doing [a] physical task/s etc

3. Some kind of technique to release baggage and help you feel more of a sense of connectedness to yourself, others, the world, the universe eg Emotional Freedom ('Tapping') Therapy

4. Fuel (good food): so that your brain works at the optimum level

5. Water: a good amount throughout the day to increase the electrical activity in the brain. The ideal is said to be 2-6 litres per day.

6. Clean, ordered, de-cluttered environment, which helps with feeling you have more energy and that you're in control

7. Some sort of prioritized and positive set of targets you know you can achieve in the day, even if it's at a stretch: eg a to-do list

8. Some sort of positive, achievable and realistic set of timeframes: so that your mind knows there is an end point you can actually achieve

9. A healthy balance of sameness (eg routine) and difference (eg variety, different activities, different ways of doing things). This helps to satisfy (according to personal growth specialist Anthony Robbins), two of our key human needs

10. Some sort of reward system for a job well done, even if it's just basking for a few moments, or giving yourself a pat on the back

An important element of this is for you to engage in the above at the level that's right for you on that particular day.

If you've had little or no sleep, you may have to do more tapping or more movement to get the same amount of energy flowing as when you've had more sleep. If you're feeling out of kilter, you may have to watch what you eat that day much more than when you're feeling a little better.

The above list constitutes a strategy I've come up with so far, in a rough order of priority, but it's by no means an exhaustive list.

I know how I can feel in the mornings. Some mornings I feel that my energy is at zero. I know, however, that I have things that need to be done, so just lounging in bed isn't an option.

The above is a simple set of tools to get me from zero (energywise) to a level five, a level eight or even a nine consistently. These tools, although fairly rudimentary, have had a significant impact on my moods and my life. I hope they can help you too.

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Sitting in the Office All Day The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

h5The good: working eight hours-or even more-a day at the office can certainly fatten your wallet. Unfortunately, your waist can pack on some fat too. And that's just the start of it. Sitting in the office all day can go from bad to ugly. Because let's face it, the work isn't that physical, right? Shooting a crumpled paper into a trash bin across the room doesn't count as exercise. However, if you do make that shot-cool! Nice Steph Curry impersonation.

Seriously though, here's what being sedentary in the office can do to you in the long run. First, the bad:

· Makes enzymes lazy. The body has fat breaking enzymes. When you sit around all day, the enzymes become couch potatoes and their fat-breaking efficiency drops by a whopping 90 percent.

· Calorie-burning goes slow-mo. It's not just the enzymes which become sluggish. When your body senses you have limited activity, it goes into what can be described in the computer sense as 'sleep mode.' That's great when you're stuck at sea and have nothing to eat. Your body will oh so slowly burn fat to save energy, to the point where calorie-burning drops off to a per minute basis. But in the office setting, you become fat because the calories you ate from that heavy breakfast or lunch buffet won't get burned effectively.

You're pretty confident, you can counteract the bad. And what's a few extra pounds, right? Just loosen up your belt. But things do get ugly:

· Increases diabetes risk. Your body's ability for insulin effectiveness also takes a plunge. It drops by 24 percent, which increases your chances of diabetes.

· Electrical activity slacks. Ever feel like your leg fell asleep when you haven't moved it for so long? Then you feel all prickly when you move it again? It's called paresthesia. Your nerves are temporarily restricted, causing trouble in the electrical activity of certain body parts. However, sitting too much and too long can make this chronic.

· Leads to back problems. For many athletes, back problems are common, because, well, they're active. But it's also common among office people. Why? Sitting in front of a desktop all day causes many to slump, slouch or generally ruin their posture. When this happens, flexibility, joint and spine health is compromised. And that's how you get back pains even though you don't play like your LeBron James on your spare time.

Okay, enough about the bad and the ugly. The good news is you can counteract the nasty effects of a sedentary office life by making simple adjustments. Just follow these tips:

· Five for 30. Even the slightest physical movement can help you, so remember this advice: five for 30. Stand for five minutes for every half an hour you spent sitting. If you can walk around, that's better. Stretch your legs too.

· Office exercises. Obviously, you can't do jumping jacks at the office. But you can do some stealthy exercises. Try the following: Put your palms together in front of you as if you're praying. Push them together as hard as you can. This exercises your shoulders, upper back and forearms. Another is lifting your heels and pointing your toes. Hold that pose for 10 seconds. That's one rep. Do as many as you like. Also, remember to engage your core all throughout the day. It's like doing a plank while sitting.

· Cardio office-style. At the office, take a few flight of stairs in the morning. At the day's end, go crazy and take more flights since you'll be going home anyway.

· Walk it all off. Even the simplest of physical activities can help you shrug off the office blues and keep you more fit. Walking for 30 minutes a day, for instance, can quickly be beneficial to your health. Done regularly, it can help you normalize your blood pressure, lose weight, prevent certain diseases and improve your stamina.

· Exercise at home even for 15 minutes. Lace up your running shoes-Reebok, known for its workout shoes is a good choice-and exercise at home. If you have an elliptical trainer or treadmill hop on even for just 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes too much for a busy you? How about a total body workout for seven or ten minutes? I'm pretty sure you can easily find the seven-minute workout in the Internet.

· Don't. Always. Sit. At. Home. What's the point in counteracting the bad effects when you'll be sitting at your couch at home again? Stand when you're doing stuff. Walk around. Jog in place.

Now you know the good, the bad and the ugly, you'll be more motivated to keep fit despite your busy schedule.

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5 Tips to Maintain Your Health for Long

h4Health is something that will be with you for long only if you take care of it. Never neglect your health because it can determine your productivity and efficiency. With improvements in medicine, it is important to pay enough attention to health as well. Otherwise there will not be any use of this technological improvement. Below are 5 tips that can help you to safeguard your health for a long period of time.

1. Get plenty of restful and quality sleep

A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required for every adult. While some might require 6 hours, for others even 9 hours of sleep might not suffice. It is recommended to sleep before 12 midnight for sufficient rest as it is better than sleeping after 12.

2. Drink clean water in plenty

Water is extremely critical for your healthy functioning as it is involved with all your organs. Without sufficient water, our bodies will become a bit sluggish and also slow both on the outside as well as inside. Thus you must aim for at least 10 full glasses of water.

3. Engage in movement activity and exercise

Exercise is extremely important for the proper up keeping of your body. It keeps your heart pumping and can also help you to avoid other cardiovascular diseases. It can also increase your strength and can keep your body flexible and fit. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is required on a daily basis.

4. Eat vegetables and fruits

You need to be creative and consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. You need to try your best to include these nutritional powerhouses in your diet and in every meal. These are full of flavor and fiber. They improve your digestion and have plenty of energy containing substances.

5. Protein content

Your diet must have a sufficient amount of protein as well. This means that there must be enough protein to fit in your physical needs as well as your lifestyle goals. You also need to decide whether you require a non- animal source or an animal source of protein or both. A minimum of 45 to 60 grams of protein is required in one day.

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Health Benefits

h33Staying healthy is tough for those who have never tried. It's just making small changes in your daily routine that will bring big changes.

There are a few things we can do that can provide us with health benefits and guard us against probable diseases and it's threats.

· Kickstart your Mornings - Starting your day with lukewarm water with a drop of lemon will detoxify your body and keep you fresh and energized the whole day.

· Never Skip your Breakfast - Breakfast is very important for your body's metabolism. Make sure you never go without breakfast and a handful of almonds.

· Smoothify - Add healthy and tasty smoothies to your regular breakfast for a healthy lifestyle. You can try the Almond and Soya Milk Smoothie filled with essential nutrients and dietary fibers.

· Small Meals - Keep having meals in small intervals for a proper metabolism. Almonds, for instance have a lot of health benefits. They are filling and great for small snacking purposes.

· Go Green - Replace your regular tea with Green Tea. Green Tea is great for weight loss and is anti-oxidant rich. This is great for a slim waist and a glowing skin.

· Don't shy away from asking questions while eating out - Keep your health needs in check while eating out. Check and recheck the menu for food suited to your health needs.

· Drink Water - Hydrate your body enough and drink loads of water to flush out the toxins accumulated in your body and keep your system clean.

· Bring Healthy Snacks to Work - Carry healthy snacks like almonds to your workplace. These will make sure you cut back on unhealthy fried items and snack healthy according to the needs of your body.

· Cranking the fiber game up a notch - Consume dry fruits rather than fresh fruits. These are higher in nutrients and fiber and have more health benefits than fresh fruit, plus these are lower in sugar content.

· Switch to Nuts - Switch your regular unhealthy chips bag with nuts and almonds. These are much more energy giving and healthy. Flavored almonds like Anardana Churan Roasted Almonds or Sweet-Chilli almonds are interesting on your tongue and great for your body. Nuts are healthy and filling. Nuts make sure you snack in an optimum manner.


How Modern Gyms Are Revolutionizing Fitness

h2Modern workout routines differ quite a bit from the highly regimented workout routines of the past. No longer are you forced to complete the same repetitive motions over and over again without achieving very significant results in the end. There are now a multitude of advanced training programs available today that are designed to burn fat and build muscle through a combination of meticulously chosen motions.

If you are looking for one of the best ways to get fit, and perhaps even ripped, you should consider participating in the fitness classes now offered in modern gyms. These classes are no ordinary gym membership classes though, because they involve the extensive use of unique strategies to get students fit. Everything from weightlifting to dancing is now commonly used during these classes to get students into the best shape of their lives.

In this way, you can get fit without suffering through the monotonous repetition of exercise routines of the distant past. This powerful combination of motions also produces muscle confusion thereby enhancing every part of the body. Exercise routines that take advantage of muscle confusion never let the body rest so that it is always in motion.

Modern workout routines also move at a much faster pace than most people are used to. This non-stop action helps to burn calories and build muscle to get you fit as quickly as possible. High energy instructors often lead these groups and their primary focus is to get each and every student energized about getting fit.

The ongoing encouragement offered by the instructor helps students break through their personal barriers so that they can push themselves harder than ever before. During these classes, you will be asked to engage in a variety of motions that oftentimes make use of weights, elliptical bikes, and fun activities such as belly dancing.

It is this entertaining variety of options that makes modern gym classes so exciting for novices and fitness experts alike. In the best gyms, you can easily switch between classes so that one day you can be specializing in a martial art and the next find yourself engaging in competitive elliptical cycling all while having a tremendous amount of fun in the process. By exercising in this way, you will never get bored and you will actually find the idea of going to the gym to be an exciting one.

There are also so many options to choose from so that everyone can easily find a class they will personally enjoy. Plus, you can even learn an interesting ability while simultaneously getting fit. For instance, some fitness classes specialize in competitive fighting techniques to increase your strength and power so that you can easily conquer any obstacle that gets in your way.

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How To Quickly Tighten And Tone Up A Flabby Stomach

h1The abdominal area is often one of the hardest parts of the body to tighten and tone. Most strength building activities that target this area are difficult and not very fun to do. Unfortunately, not only is a flabby waistline less than attractive, but it also puts you at far greater risk of heart disease and serious back issues. Following are a few, simple strategies for creating a smooth, flat and muscular belly.

It is first important for people to recognize the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fairly harmless, soft fat that accumulates on top of the muscles and that can be easily pinched and measured with your hands. Although and excess amount of subcutaneous fat can be dangerous, all humans need a certain amount to support their normal metabolic functions and to ensure overall well-being.

Visceral fat, however, is a dangerous, yellow fat that collects around your actual organs. You have a lot of this fat if your belly feels bloated and hard. The accumulation of visceral fat is responsible for the development of heart disease, fatty liver disease and many other problems.

Understanding the type of fat you have will allow you to alter your diet and exercise plan accordingly. If you have subcutaneous fat, you can benefit from a moderate workout and diet plan. If your belly is distended with visceral fat, you should seek the guidance of a nutritionist and personal trainer right away. This could be essential for protecting your overall health from serious problems in the future.

The best diet for burning weight loss will contain lots of fresh and all-natural ingredients. Make a plan to stick to foods that have not been processed or refined. Moreover, focus on eating the things that your body needs, rather than constantly thinking about what you should be cutting out. If you load up on nutrient-dense foods, you'll hardly have either the appetite or room for options that lack nutritional value and are loaded with calories and fat.

One of the best forms of abdominal conditioning is running. The opposite arm and leg movements that running entails engages all of the abdominal muscles at once. If you don't like running, you're in luck. You can gain many of the same benefits by power walking or jogging an equal distance. You will also burn a nearly equivalent amount of fat while subjecting your joints and bones to far less stress.

If you choose to do abdominal exercises that require you to lie prone, such as sit-ups and abdominal crunches, make sure that you are using good form. Keep your chin tilted upwards and away from your stress while curling upward, so that you are lifting with your core muscles rather than your neck. Also, be sure to keep the lower back firmly pressed into the floor so that you are not using momentum to lift your upper torso.

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The Root Of All Evil

54If money is the root of all evil, and the saying is the Gospel truth, then how come they ask for it at church? I discussed this with friends, and we came up with great ways to release money blocks. Read on for more.

Of course churches have to get money from somewhere, and with reasonable explanations. To help fix a leaky roof maybe, amongst other maintenance work that the money is needed for, as well as posters and other materials needed to help bring people who need a loving community and pastoral care to church.

I am used to the collection basket, where everyone puts in what they can afford. That is quite different from the dubious churches that ask people to pay their life savings.

Now, if you have read the Bible, you will find that the real quote is: "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." And the rest of it is: "Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. "Money is not a human or animal, it is an inanimate object. And when Humans waste the feeling of love on just about any inanimate thing, that can lead to evil doings, especially to the living beings the people should be giving love to. Money is simply a tool. It has no feelings or agenda. People give money feelings, and unfortunately, some people become obsessive about it. "The Love of Money" in the biblical sense may actually translates to the word "Greed", which pretty much seems to be the root of most suffering. And what ultimately is the root of greed? I think it is fear, and that is the root of all suffering. After all, it could be argued that there are two main emotions; love and fear.

However, it is all very fine talking logically about this. It is another thing entirely actually feeling it. This is where tapping comes in.

Let us use the SUE scale to measure how true this statement feels to you: "Money is the root of all evil". Where -10 is the most rue it feels and 0 is not at all true, how true does it feel to your senses? Remember, we are not talking logic here. We are only measuring how true you feel it with your senses, rather than logical thinking. If anything less than zero, tap the above statement on all your favourite points unit it feels like a zero. Simply tap "Money is the root of all evil". There is no need for any tongue-twisted statements. Simple is good.

Once you reach zero, ask yourself what would make you feel even better. The simplest way is to choose one word, such as "calm", "safe", "sharing", "peace", or "security". Whatever positive word comes to you is good. Tap until you feel a shift in the positive direction. This is moving up the SUE scale from a neutral 0 to a joyful +10. Keep tapping, using whatever positive word comes to you, simply saying the word on each of your favourite points, till you reach a +7 or beyond.

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Anger and Emotional Self-Expression

67Anger calls for movement and action, increased heart rate, and breathing. When expressed, anger doesn't linger or transform into rage. It is an emotion without intelligence, and the idea is to let it go and pay attention to what created the anger in the first place-what needs to change and how are you going to respond. Usually this step involves a form of communication to other people and to yourself.

Artists spend significant parts of their lives developing the most authentic ways to communicate their emotions, and most basic emotions can not be articulated into words. Composers and dancers focus on communicating and transforming the deepest emotions from something that can hurt them to something beautiful. It's a choice they make.

In theater, it's not a problem to attach an emotion to a sound and breath it out. You don't always need to wait for someone else to make you angry. Emotions build over time, and as you tap into them, they will decrease in intensity and you will feel more connected to your less intense emotions. Anxiety and tension block this process so a portion of the work is to loosen muscle tension.

Start small by expressing a little bit of anger, call it expressing an annoyance. Practice this and the more you learn to express it, the better you can manage the emotion when you are around other people. Dealing with emotions like this takes time and practice, it's an active process different from taking a pill which is passive.

Painting, dancing, writing, etc. are all used to find better ways to express and work through emotions. Other ways are talking about your feelings and searching for other ways to express your self with your body. Each of us has unique ways of expression and some of them are healthier than others.

Once you uncover a way for you to process anger and begin to listen to its messages, you will notice its intensity drop, allowing for a wider range of emotions to arise like joy and happiness and other subtler emotions. Anger will no longer overwhelm all of your other emotions. The important aspect of mind and body is that once you convince yourself that it is a valid point of view, you can begin to build personal techniques to attend to your emotions by monitoring your body and then responding to the feelings by allowing for self-expression.

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Changing The Relationship You Have With Fear Using Tapping

ghWe need to learn to change the relationship to fear if we are to begin living our lives in a richer, more fulfilling way. Author and speaker, Itzhak Berry, calls it "The Inner Warrior" and stresses the need for us to welcome challenge and adversity as a pathway to growth and rebirth.

This is about not running away from fear but to see it as a part of a process towards your definition of success. As soon as you declare that you want something that you don't already have, you're creating a gap that needs to be filled. Sometimes that gap can lead to a feeling of dis-ease within us that can manifest as fear.

Whether we succeed or not in getting what we desire depends in part on the way in which we interact with this fear. Those who are the most successful in life may show up as those who don't experience fear. This is not necessarily true.

Some of the most famous performers in the world regularly feel physically ill before they go on stage. The difference between these individuals and those who shy away from anything they find fearful is that the former have learnt to work through the fear because they know that their wildest dreams are on the other side of it.

One of the ways you can help yourself to change the relationship that you have with fear is through Emotional Freedom Therapy ('Tapping'), also known as EFT.

EFT helps you to define each element of the fear that you're experiencing. This encourages you to express it rather than deny it or try to keep it concealed. By freely expressing your fears you begin the process of confronting them and seeing them for what they are.

Very often confronting your fears helps you to realise that they are not as damaging as they at first appear. Tapping on the individual aspects of your fears as they arise prevents them from spiraling out of control and taking you into a dark place.

It is therefore good practice to begin taking note of what makes you fearful. Make a mental or physical note of the individual aspects that make up the fear (e.g. palpitations, hot sweats, difficulty focusing, memory problems, nausea etc). Take each aspect in turn and tap on it until the emotional sting either disappears or is brought down to a level that no longer overwhelms you.

Once you have tapped on each of the aspects, check in with your level of fear again. Notice any changes. If the level is still high, tap on each aspect again until the fear itself either disappears or is brought down to a level that no longer overwhelms you.


Using the Emotional Freedom Technique to Optimize Your Health!

csGuide to Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychological acupuncture technique that is used to optimize emotional health. Although emotional health is still often overlooked, it is absolutely essential to our physical healing and health. Regardless of our devotion to proper lifestyle and diet, we can never achieve optimal preventive and healing powers if emotional barriers are still standing on the way.

Emotional Freedom Technique will help you:

  • Get rid of negative emotions
  • Eliminate or reduce pain
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Implement positive goals

The energy meridians used in EFT are similar to those that are used in acupuncture to treat emotional and physical ailments but without any invasiveness. Instead, tapping is used to input kinetic energy into various specific meridians on the chest and head while the individual thinks about their specific problem and voicing positive affirmation. The problem can be anything such as an addiction, pain or traumatic event.

The combination of voicing positive affirmations and tapping the energy meridians using your fingertips works to clear the emotional block from the body's bio-energy system. This restores your mind-body balance which is essential for the healing of physical disease and optimal health.

There are two main areas you need to learn in order to use Emotional Freedom Technique effectively:

1. Tapping techniques and specific tapping locations

2. The positive affirmations

You can treat numerous problems by applying the following instructions diligently


The basic Emotional Freedom Technique sequence is simple and straightforward and usually takes most people just a few minutes to learn. Although it's important to ensure that you are tapping the correct area, you should not worry about being very precise since focusing on the general area is also sufficient.

You will be tapping with your fingertips/pads and this is primarily because the fingertips have several acupuncture meridians. Therefore, when you are tapping with your fingers you are not only using the meridians in the specific area you are tapping, but also those on the fingertips. In traditional emotional freedom technique, the patient taps using the fingertips of the middle finger and the index finger and with one hand only. The side you use doesn't matter since most tapping points exist on both sides of the body. Moreover, it does not matter if you decide to switch sides during the process. For instance, you can tap under your left eye and later in the process, under your right arm.

You can also use all your fingers and both hands. Form a gently curved line with all your fingers in a gently relaxed manner. This allows you to cover a larger area and access all the acupuncture points. However, most people achieve success with the two finger one hand approach. Although it's essential to use your fingertips because they have more meridian points, you can use your finger pads if you have long nails.

Tap solidly

You should always tap solidly but not so hard as to bruise or hurt yourself. If you are using both hands, alternate the tapping slightly so that your hands are out of phase with each other. This will provide a kinesthetic variant of the work that is usually done by the EMDR (alternating eye movement) and will have some additional benefit. You should tap about 5 to 7 times (the number is not important but should be the length of time it takes for one respiration cycle; a full breath).

Tapping points proceed down your body which basically means that each tapping point is located below the one before it. Although the sequence is not really important, it is vital to ensure to tap all the points.

Tapping Points

1. Top of the head: Down the centre of your skull with fingers back-to-back.

2. Eyebrow: Just above the eyes at the beginning of the eyebrow and to one side of the nose.

3. Side of the eye: on the bone that boarders the outside corner of your eye

4. Under the eye: On the bone under your eyes about an inch below the pupil

5. Under the nose: this is the small area between the top of your upper lip and the bottom of your nose

6. Chin point: Midway between the bottom of the lower lip and the point of your chin. This area is called the chin point mainly for descriptive purposes.

7. Collarbone: This is the point where the breastbone (sternum), the first rib and the collarbone meet. This is a very important point especially in acupuncture and is referred to as K 27.

8. Under the arm: This is at the side of your body, about four inches below the armpit; usually at the point even with your nipples (for men) or the middle of your bra strap (for women).

9. Wrist: The point inside of both wrists is the last point. Rub them gently against each other.

Remove your watch and glasses before Tapping

Watches and glasses can electronically and mechanically interfere with Emotional Freedom Technique. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove them before tapping.

So you now may be wondering if Tapping Therapy (or Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you in anyway, in particular dealing with traumas, addictions, or other challenges that you may be faced with at this time,